How do I set-up & use my Kit?

Our goal is to make your Self-Taping Audition process Simple, Efficient and Fun.

Unless you’re using paper instructions to build a sweet-ass LEGO set… Then we can’t really think of many reasons as to why you’d want to use, lose and fuss over a paper instruction ‘booklet’.

So instead, we’ve cut you a live-action video that you can access wherever you are! …Piecing together your Kit with both visual and aural eye candy. All with a sweet beat in the background to set-up it all up to.

Check it out here!

If you have any further questions, drop us a message and one of our Kit experts will get back to you within 24hrs. Helping you out and getting you up and taping in no time!

Returns and exchanges

We understand that purchasing a whole Kit can be a little daunting!

That’s why we offer a 14 Day no-fuss exchange.

We will gladly accept the return of items for exchange or store credit, providing:

Items are still in their original condition ie;

- Un-scratched, unbroken and have not had obvious use
- Goods must be packaged inside all original packaging
- Customer covers the cost of return and re-dispatchment

For exchange requests within Australia, items must be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase.

All of our Kits are hand-packed with care. To ensure only the highest quality items are making it into your packs and being sent to you, all products and items are individually quality checked at multiple points right up to before being shipped to you, however in the unlikely event of a faulty item, please contact our customer care team within 7 days of receiving your Kit so we can start the return/exchange process.

You can find out more information in our Return & Exchange policy located here.

1. Simply contact – – Include your order number, reason for return, the name the order was placed under and return address.

2. Once we receive your email, we will provide a returns authorisation form as well as a return address. Print, complete and enclose the form with your unused Kit with all original packaging and documents.

3. We recommend using a trackable service for safe delivery. If the package is lost on it’s way to us, unfortunately we will not be able to complete the refund process.

4. Upon the return we will assess the fault. Actors Kit reserves the right to refuse, repair or replace your Kit.

5. All returns granted will be reimbursed with a store credit to the value of your items where you can repurchase from our online store.

6. You can find out more information in our Return & Exchange policy section located here.

Customers will be responsible for shipping and handling charges for any return, exchange or faulty product to Actors Kit.

Please get in touch with us at

Please include your Name, Order number, a description of the issue and pictures if item is damaged so we can get you taken care of asap!


All orders will be shipped via Australia Post with tracking info and ‘Signature on delivery’ for your peace of mind.

Shipping times vary based on your shipping address and the time of year you’re ordering in. Please check your email, as we’ll send you an estimated date of arrival for your purchase.

Although this can fluctuate, a good estimate we tell our customers to go by is;

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart & Adelaide: 4 – 7 Business days

Perth: 2 – 5 Business days

Once payment has been made you will receive two emails to track your order:

Order confirmationOrder has been shipped

Your shipping order confirmation email will include live updates of your order progress linked via the AusPost website.

100% Yes! Even though we may be in uncertain times, our (online) doors are most definitely still open for service and AK is adapting to this new era of business.

Being an online store, every day there’s new hurdles and challenges and whatever they may be, we’re committed to growing with the times and making it work.
Our principles are still the same; people first. And that includes the motley legends working here at AK.

The band is all together and we're making sure our people, you, are getting the best value for money when it comes to picking up some top shelf self-taping gear.

We don’t mess around with cheap 3rd party couriers, simply because we don’t trust them to deliver such a valuable package to you on-time and in a professional manner. So we only ship with the O.G’s – Aus Post.

Currently, they are keeping us updated with how they’re being affected on their end and have said that despite the situation, they are doing everything in their power to ensure their services delivery on time, and have even employed more staff to keep things moving smoothly for businesses and customers.

Added delays will only increase times by 3-4 extra days from their current rate.

From what we’ve seen with the orders going out recently, customers are receiving their AK products within 7-10 days. Which in a pandemic … isn’t all that bad (we think).

I live outside of Australia, how do I get a Kit?

Our Kits are certified to operate throughout USA, Canada & Europe. All our kits which feature our LED Soft Box come with an Australia Type II plug. however... our Universal wall adapter is included, but it's up to you how you feel about that.

We totally get that this may not be ideal for you at the moment and if that's the case, signup to our email list (which we only use for new product announcements, re-stock info and discount codes) and be amongst the first to know when we've got the direct plug for your country.

If you're after our LED panel range, you'll be able to use your Kit, regardless of your location. Only thing to note is; shipping costs are a little expensive due to us making sure that all international Kits are insured, with signature on delivery and arrive to you safely on the end.

When I get my Kit Can I Start Shooting Straight Away?

1.) Supply 1 x 9Vbattery for your RØDE Mic Microphone(s) and also 

2.) If you’ve purchased the Aputure LED, you will need to charge the (included) Power Bank with the charging cable it comes with. 

The battery can be purchased at any service station, convenience store, or large chain grocery. If you’re lucky you may even find that you have the battery in other electronic items that are lying around your house. 

The reason why we haven’t included the battery in the Kits, is that it is more economical for you to purchase them yourselves and anyway we can try and save you money, we want to. 

Where are our Kits made?

All our of Kits are packed and shipped from Australia – the products inside are made and designed in 4 major countries; Australia, USA, Korea & China – the reason for this is because we only wanted to source the best for you, so we had to go global.  

The Item I want is ‘out of stock’ – What do I do?

We sell a lot of kits and sometimes the rush gets ahead of our logistics manager. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it just means that there’s going to be a little extra wait till you can get your hands on a Kit.

Join our waitlist and be notified as soon as the next shipment of that kit is going out the door. There’s no lock-in commitment or anything it’s just the best way for you to be amongst the first to be able to grab that particular Kit.

My Audio sounds “Crackly” and my “Picture is Dark”. What do I Do?

Hopefully you’ve watched our set-up instructional Video on Youtube here and in the description below it, have seen our recommendations on 3rd party applications to use when shooting on your phone. If not, we recommend Checking out Apps like ProMovie – Free & Paid $4.49 (for iOS) or FilmicPro $14.99 (for iOS & Android).*

In this instance, we will be talking through the process for ProMovie (similar principals apply for FilmicPro). 

So let’s begin…


- You can go ahead and download the ProMovie app here – you can download it for free and try the following steps out, in the free version. If you find that it solves your problems (and I have a strong feeling that it should), I’d recommend purchasing it as you’ll then have it for life and will remove any watermarks…for $4.49 


- Once you download the app, plug your microphone into the TRRS Cable (talked about from 3:45mins in our tutorial video here)

- Plug that cable into your phone and in the other input-jack (hole), plug a pair of headphones in there (so you can hear the Mic audio live and adjust accordingly)

- Turn your microphone to the ‘on’ position so the green light on the back is lit up to show that it is indeed ‘on’ (if you haven’t picked up your own battery and put this in, now would be the time) 

- Turn your phone to 'Airplane Mode' and make sure your wi-fi connection is turned 'off' as this can cause interference.

NOTE: Regarding the switches on the back of the RØDE Mic, the included manual should give you some info on settings, but for now, we recommend going ahead and setting the back settings to +20db and the other High Pass Filter switch towards the right, under the symbol which looks like a reversed ‘7’. 


- Open ProMovie App. In the Bottom left corner you will see the icon of a ‘Microphone’ Click this (it is the second from the bottom) 


- You’ll see ‘Input Device’ on the left hand side and directly to the right, you will see ‘iPhone Microphone’. Below it ‘Headset Mic’ (which is your Mic) will appear – select this. 
If it doesn’t appear, and you can only see ‘iPhone Microphone’ Be sure that your mic is ‘on’ or just try resetting your app. 


- Once selected, on the left-hand-side you will see ‘Audio Gain’ to the right of this (under your selected microphone) you will then see a ‘gain level’ bar which will allow you to toggle accordingly 

- Drag it ALL the way to the left (= 0%) and increase it slowly towards the right, increasing the gain and listening until you are satisfied with the level 

- You will notice that the further towards the right you go, the more sound it will pick up and the more crackling that will occur

Now that your crackling Microphone is sorted, let’s fix your dark picture…

STEP 6: Be sure to toggle these settings with either a friend in frame or have them toggle the settings with you in frame as Skin tone response will have different effects.

- Play around with the ‘Temperature (represented with the ‘K’ symbol eg. 3200K – 5500K = Warmer light // 5500K – 6500K = Daylight white // >6500K = Blue tinge light )

- Play around with the ‘White Balance’ (This is a preferential setting, do what looks best for you) 

- Play around with the ‘ISO’ (Higher ISO Number = Brighter Picture = Slight loss in quality // Lower ISO Number = Darker Picture = Retains quality ) 

- Set your video quality settings accordingly but be mindful that the higher the picture quality, the more memory in your phone it will require (all iPhones and Samsung models above the 6th generation have the capability to shoot 4K, so quality film is quite literally at the tip of your finger tips) 

- Playing around with these settings accordingly will allow you to achieve a better picture quality and fuller shot that is evenly lit and balanced accordingly to your clothes and skin tone 


If any of this is confusing. To help you clarify with visuals, we’ve linked the app instructional manual for (ProMovie) here and you can scroll down to page 8 for further clarification. 


Hopefully this will do the trick and get you sorted, but if the above doesn’t work for you, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you sorted and make sure that you’re feeling great about your tapes. 

And again please please PLEASE do not forget to put your battery inside the microphone!

*We are in no way affiliated with any of these Apps and receive no information about you or your activity, nor is there any financial gain for us if you download or purchase their application(s).

We have recommended these two apps as a starting point as, in our research phase, they came at the top of our list in terms of value and capabilities for what’s needed when shooting a self-tape. Note that these are simply starting points for you to explore 3rd party apps as Apps (in almost all cases) will allow you to unlock the true potential of your Phone and therefore get the most out of your Kit. 

What are your payment methods?

All payments for items purchased through will be made through a secure payment gateway (Shopify Payments // PayPal // AfterPay). We treat the Security and Privacy of our customers and with extreme care and caution. 

How do I set-up or View my Account?

Simply go to ‘My Account’ found in the footer section of the screen, from there you’ll be prompted to Login or Register.

Help with my Order

Check your email and Actors Kit account. Both will update you when your order is confirmed and when your Kit has been dispatched.

Once your order has left our facilities, it is now under the care of Australia Post. Please get in touch with our customer care team, with your Name and Order Number. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Should you wish to modify your order after your payment has been processed, please contact our customer care team immediately and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

We generally process orders as soon as we receive them. Once we dispatch your order, unfortunately we are unable to make any changes.

How do I care for my Kit?

Our Blue // Grey Screens are hand made right here in Aus using quality fabrics and are double lined to ensure great shape retention and durability. After each use it is best to fold your screen down until it is small enough to do a final roll and stuff into the canvas protection bag it comes in. Due to the ITY material – it is basically wrinkle resistant.

In the event that wrinkles do form or you need to remove a stain, you can do the following;

- Gentle wash, separately in cool water

- Use mild detergent

- Do not wring, soak or bleach

- Do not tumble dry

- Drip dry in shade

- Do not leave rolled up wet

- Do not iron

- Do not dry clean

It is best to keep all of your hardware (microphone, lights, battery, tripod etc.) in their relevant protector bags and pouches. Also, try and avoid any excessive exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight that may cause over-heating/ melting. It kind of goes without saying that this will not do good things for your products in the long run.

All other Q's - hit up our 'Contact Us' page

Or send an email through to